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The Emmental show dairy

For anyone who has ever wondered how the holes get into Swiss cheese, the Emmental show dairy in Affoltern – the heart of the Emmental valley – reveals the secret, along with many other insights into cheese-making in general. Visitors can make their own cheese, join guided tours, enjoy cheese tasting or sample raclette and other cheese specialties in the restaurant. Attractions that change daily and special offers for families with children complete the appeal of the show dairy. The dairy opens every day from 9 hrs to 18.30 hrs (17 hrs in winter); convenient public transport links are available from Bern.

Children, Sights
The BärenPark

The bear appears on the coat of arms of Bern, and the BärenPark symbolizes the city. Located at the lower edge of the old town, the park provides a free recreational area open around the clock. It is a spacious and humane enclosure where visitors can experience brown bears before taking a stroll to the city’s Dählhölzli Zoo.

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The Gurten

Affectionately known as the Güsche, the Gurten is Bern’s own mountain. Its 858-meter peak can be reached by bicycle, on foot on via the Gurtenbahn. From 7 hrs onwards, the funicular railway departs every quarter of an hour; the five-minute trip from base station to the summit guarantees wonderful views across Bern and the Central Plateau. With plenty on offer for people of all ages and two restaurants, the Gurten makes for a worthwhile day trip.